I rarely win any type of grand prize or even a consolation prize. Regardless of how many entries I put in or the even if the odds are high, I will pretty much be the last entry picked. I have resigned myself to this fate for my life. But all that changed when I entered a contest that was being run by one of the channels on YouTube. The YouTube channel is called the Gadget Addict. It is run by this dude from the United Kingdom who is living in Manila. He truly is a gadget addict, I thought I had an addiction to gadgets but he is way ahead of me.
During this contest I was hoping to win the grand prize as there was five of them but my usual luck held up. But I did win the consolation prize !!
Let me explain how the rules for contest worked. The requirements were that you had to have a YouTube channel with a couple of videos uploaded on it as the contest was centered on prizes that were things that a vlogger would like to have. The five grand prizes were Chinese-made go pro type cameras, along with selfie sticks, camera lights and memory cards, really a great prize. I really wanted to win one of those grand prizes but with so many people entering my chances decreased by the day.
Now some people really were not into vlogging and just setup a channel and threw a few videos up just so they could qualify for the contest but that is just how some people are. Even the channel mentioned how some did this yet they were still able to enter. Check out the channel that was hosting the contest on YouTube, its called the Gadget Addict. Since I run a small YouTube channel, I thought it would be an interesting video if I filmed me opening the box. Now let me start off by saying I had no idea what I had won, only clue that was given was he stated he thought I would really like it. My goal was to try to capture my surprise by filming me opening up the box. I figured that I could just find an empty table at the food court and open the package but it turned out a lot harder to do than I expected.
I had no idea how hard of a task this would be. It was Sunday and the Robinson Mall was packed with a full crowd. Even the food court was filled and it was way past lunch time. So I got this idea to head so I outside the mall but the wind was blowing too hard, which as you know always makes for bad for the audio. Having failed in that I head back into the mall to look for a quiet corner where I could open the box. I finally found a corner of the mall where a store is closed. Naturally there was no chairs nearby so I has to basically sit my butt down on the floor and begin opening my consolation prize. As I am struggling and I mean struggling to open this very well taped up box, a crowd begins to gather as the Philippine vlogger struggles to open a well taped, styrofoam box.
Check out the video, you can see me acknowledging the crowd as it gets bigger.