We Need a Bigger Kitchen

Our kitchen remodel is now in progress. As many of you know, we run a small home restaurant and what originally started out as a functional kitchen design has now become a log jam.  When things get busy, as workers we struggle to get our tasks done because we are in each other’s way.  Almost from the beginning we began to see how important it is to have a proper and functional kitchen design. A good kitchen design  will allow us to serve food to our customers in the fastest way possible. One of the hurdles with our kitchen remodel is that we are in the middle of the rainy season. Our construction progress is based on dry and rainy days. Dry day we build and rain days we stop until the rain stops. Once the roof is complete the weather will no longer be a factor.

Another issue we have is that we have outgrown our current kitchen and need a bigger more efficient one. There are many advantages to having a bigger more efficient kitchen.  With a bigger kitchen we will not only improve our service but it will allow us to expand the menu to offer more variety of foods. In this video, the Philippine vlogger walks you through the progress of preparing the roofing structure. We go over the  reason why it is important to have a high ceilings in the Philippines as a way to keep the place cool  Another important tool to keeping the place cool is the need to install form insulation which will reflect the heat coming off the galvanized roofing.
Check out the video: