My tourist visa was about expired time to head down to bureau of Immigration Philippines to renew my visa. My closes bureau of Immigration office is located in Bacolod City which is a short jeepney ride from my home. It was just last year that the Bureau of Immigration Philippines decided to offer extension ranging from one month up to six months. This would be my second six month extension as I really liked the convenience of not having to worry about my visa expiring each month.

Heading to Bacolod to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration

Check out the video link here as it shows the location of the bureau of immigration field office that is located in Bacolod City. I even give the total cost of a six month extension for a tourist visa.
If you allow your visa to expire then you can will get it renewed but you will have to pay additional pesos for fine. If a foreigner decided not to renew his visa then he or she will not be allowed to leave the country until all fines and fees are paid up but even worst one can be blacklisted and not allowed to come back to the Philippines.
The other thing one has to remember is that regardless of your status, a foreigner has to leave the Philippines for at least 24 hours every three years. A lot of the expats call this a visa run which is a short trip to a neighboring country for a day or two then returning back to the Philippines. Once you have been out of the country for 24 hours, then you start all over again. One really needs to keep this mind as I know of one expat – married to a Filipina who did not leave after three years ( called overstay) and he left for the United States for several months, he then flew with his wife back to the Philippines. Upon disembarking from the plane and going through immigration, his wife was allowed into the country but he was denied entry. He had apparently overstayed and thereby was blacklisted until he came up with about 150K pesos of fines. Him being an elderly gentleman was mad at the immigration Philippines bureau but in reality it was him who he should have been mad at because it was his fault. Somehow he was allowed to leave the Philippines and he claimed to have checked with the Philippine embassy in the United States to verify he could return. They reported to him that the do not see anything on record regarding that, so he thought he was good to go, he was until the Bureau of Immigration stopped him.
Here is the video of my visa renewal: