In this post we go over the cost of living in Philippines for a family of five for the month of March 2016. In the prior post I mentioned that while these are our actual figures of money we spent that month, one should look at this as a guide rather than the law. Each person’s cost of living in the Philippines will be unique to them and nobody has the exact same budget which is why the amount spent varies with each Philippine expat.
If you are still trying to figure out your own amount for the cost of living in Philippines and you haven’t seen our explanation video, then check out the posting here
Now that we got that out of the way let’s go over our numbers for March.

Cost-of-living-in philppines

What is the cost of living in the Philippines?

Item one is water, we paid out 688 pesos for city water which is used for cooking, bathing and washing clothes. We do not normally drink the water unless the process involves boiling such as coffee or soup. We get our drinking water from our water business that we have going, in a true sense we basically drink the profits. The next item is my personal pain in the butt expense and that is electric. My problem with this utility is not only is it hard to estimate but it is not very reliable either. Brownouts can occur at any moment and without explanation plus the utility is free to set the cost per watt to whatever they feel like without any explanation. We had some visitors here for a month in March and along with them came a toddler, so naturally the aircon in the apartment ran 24/7. With this increase in electricity we say a jump in our March bill to 8500 pesos.
Our internet bill is somewhat consistent each month, although not as reliable as it should be, but without complaining I will say our bill was 1500 pesos. Following that is our estimated food bill for March, while I can’t say it exact, it is pretty close to what we are budgeting for so for a family of five we spent 15000 pesos on food. Keep in mind we do not eat out very often and this diet is a Filipino diet of fish, chicken, pork, rice and a little beef. If you want to eat more of an American style diet, then you should add additional money to purchase the imported foods. As part of our food budget but listed separately is the cost of 50 keg of rice which last us about a month and half and that cost 1700 pesos. I really don’t think we save that much on getting the larger size sack but it saves on having to go out and purchase more. The family members really eat the rice, three times a day, even if we have spaghetti, they will still have rice on the side. A
As far as cell phones are concerned we pay about 600 pesos a month for both Remy and my cell phone. Honestly nobody really calls me but I need the data and Remy gets the calls but rarely uses internet data. Another consistent cost each month is the cost of tuition for the youngest, 4000 pesos along with his bayad, 2000 pesos which allows for transportation and snack cost.
So how do we pay for all of this? Check out the video and not only do I go over our cost of living in Philippines for the month of March but I also go over our income for that month. I know not many expats explain where their money is coming from but I do because I want to show that it is possible to create a living in Philippines.