I finally got a Casio g shock watch ! If you have watched any of the videos from the Philippine vlogger channel on Youtube < here > then you will know of the struggle I went through trying to obtain a casio g shock watch. I tried going the counterfeit way and buy a cheap Chinese imitation which looked okay enough. But a lot of the functionality did not work, of course it wasn’t shock resistant nor was it waterproof, what it was was basically junk. I did get suckered twice into buying them, the first one died within two days and the second lived longer but was off by ten minutes a day.
I started saving up my money with the goal of buying an official casio g shock watch.

Its funny because I was surfing the internet and looking at all the different models. It seems sites were spelling the g shock watch many different ways. Some examples of how it was spelled on websites was g shock, g schock, g chock, g shock, or even the word shockwatch was used. I guess a lot of these websites were setup in different countries where english is not the primary language but I was amazed that google recognized these words as words for a casio g shock watch.

Which One to Get ?

Now if I really wanted a basic g shock watch I could have gone to the local mall, either the Robinson or the SM Bacolod and picked one up.  My issue with that was they lacked the variety of colors and models that a site such as Amazon has. Most of the models in the mall were ones with black bands and black face plates. There was a few with a color like red or white but that was about all the choices you had. Me, I was looking for a particular one with a certain color in it which was green.
Now you may ask, Philippine vlogger why green? Well for several reasons, one its my favorite color, two it my lucky color according to Chinese zodiac sigs ( I was born in the year of the dog) and three the color is unique enough that not to many people have a green G shock watch. I choose this one:


Pretty cool right? They did have an all green watch but I liked the shinny white band and with the with highlights on the faceplate I think it made it stand out a little more. I was lucky that one of the viewers on my channel send in a small donation. Which literally covered half the cost so combining that with my savings and I was able to order the watch. Here is the video of my unboxing.

Its a great watch and I am pretty proud to wear it around.

Real is Better !

Believe me it is far better to get the real thing than to walk around with some cheap counterfeit that can be spotted a mile away. Plus with the counerfeit g shock you can even get it wet for fear it will stop working. The Casio Men’s G Shock watch is water resistant up to 200 meters – now that a water resistant watch and don’t forget the g shock watch comes with a one year warranty.
Casio does make a shock watch for women and they call it the baby g. It has the same great features as the men’s g shock but the band and the watch face is a little smaller. Color wise they had a more variety of baby g than the regular g shock. I am very pleased with my selection.