The Philippine vlogger took a one day trip to Campuestohan which is located up on the mountains just outside Talisay City in the Negros Occidental province.  Campuestohan is a one of the top Bacolod tourist spots which is recommend if one is going to visit the Bacolod City region.  The drive up to Campuestohan which is located in the mountain region is a fun drive as it is all up hill.  There are few places you can stop to get a drink or eat but they are sari sari stores, not major food chains or malls or anything of that nature.  What draws people to Campuestohan Highland resort is the fresh and cooler mountain air. Many tourist and Filipinos alike flock to the resort to seek relief  from the summer temperatures of Bacolod City.

I was at Campuestohan about five years ago and was not that impressed with the resort, yes the air was cooler but back then it only had a main lodge, one pool and these cutout cartoon characters that you could pose with. So besides swimming, eating and posing there really wasn’t that much to do up there but I am glad to say that has all changed. Campuestohan Highland resort is a full pledge resort with plenty to activities. They had made major upgrades to the grounds which now boost of three swimming pools, one of which is a wave pool, there are climbing walls, zip lines, and rolling cages along with several kiddie parks for young children to play in. I counted three kiddie pools, including the wave pool which slopes down at angle of a beach so everybody can enjoy the waves regardless of whether you can swim or not.

They have improved the sleeping arrangements so now not only can you stay at the main lodge but now you can sleep in an air conditioned teepee or go big time and sleep in the huge king kong.  Check out my video as I go over the sleeping arrangements at Campuestohan along with what are some of the Campuestohan Highland resort rates for each of the rooms.